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App and cool Features

MÜD Lighting LED strips can be voice activated using Amazon Alexa or Google. you can choose different names for different strips depending on which room of the house they're in and control them as such. For example, "Alexa, turn MÜD lighting on/off", "Alexa, make MÜD Lighting purple", "Alexa, make MÜD Lighting blue" and so on.


Also, set them on auto-timer meaning they will turn on and off on the days to choose at a pre-selected time automatically!


Some of the app's sleek functions are as follows...


 Choose from over 16 million colour variations and make your lights as bright or as dim as you wish...



Using the Magic Home app, choose from 20 pre-set functions with varying speeds from one continuous colour to strobe lighting. Alternatively, create your own desired speed and colour combination...


Sync your phone's microphone and let your MÜD Lighting LED strips dance to its' surrounding sounds - amend the sensitivity of the microphone too...


Sync to your phone's music for a lighting atmosphere to match your tunes...


With a whole range of functions, colours and speeds, you can uniquely craft the atmosphere you want to suit the surroundings. Some ideas for where MÜD Lighting LED Strips look great are: 

- Kitchen surfaces, along the bottom of the cabinets projecting light across the floor or along the top of the cabinets projecting across the ceiling - even above the work surfaces.

- Behind TVs and Computers for a vibrant backlight.

- Along stairs and handrails.

- Under the bed and behind the headboard.

- In the Games room.

- In the Man-cave.

- Ceilings and Skirting boards.

- Under your living room furniture (coffee table, sofa etc.)

The possibilities are endless...