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How do you install the lights?

Please visit the Installation page for instructions on how to install. You should also have an installation manual with your order. If for some reason your order doesn't include a manual, please reach out to us for help with the process.


Do you have to use the app?

You do not need to use the app if you do not wish, strips can be controlled in the most part with the remote, however the app unlocks a lot more features that are inaccessible with the remote alone.


Do They come with Power Adapter?

Yes, available with UK and EU adapters.


Does the Remote have a battery in already?

Yes, the remote uses a standard CR2025 battery which comes already installed.


How do I download the app?

Scan the QR code in the instruction manual or search ‘Magic Home’ in your app store.


How do I reset the strips?

Turn the strips on and off 3 times, they should then flash different colours indicating that they have been reset.


Can I use the strips outside?

Yes, we have Waterproof and Non-waterproof models, as long as the power adapter and power cable is not at risk of getting wet, and you have the Waterproof model, they are ok outside. Please take great care in ensuring the power adapter and controller are not at risk of getting wet.


I have multiple strips, can they be controlled simultaneously?

Yes, they can all be linked via the app and also changes made via the remote will affect all strips within range.


Will the strips stick to any surface?

The strips will stick to most smooth, dry surfaces. Please ensure the surface you’re attempting to stick the strip to has been cleaned and dried before use.