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Now that you have purchased your MÜD Lighting LED Strips, you’re up and running in a few quick and easy steps:

  • Prepare the surface you intend to install the LED Light strips on by ensuring it’s clean and dry, for best results, always use a smooth surface. Make sure the surface is in range of your power outlet. Important. Make sure the AC Adapter is not near a water source for all strip variations.

 Prepare the surface

  • Measure the length of the surface you want to cover and cut the strips to size using the scissor markings provided. You can connect multiple strips together to cover longer surfaces.

 Cut to size

  • Connect the Controller (white box with QR code on) to the light strip ensuring the arrows on the small black connector on the strip and the small white connector line up. 

 Connect the control box

  • Connect the Power adapter to the Controller and plug into the nearest appropriate wall socket to where you want to install the lights.

 Connect to power adapter

  • Unreel the strips, peeling off the back of the adhesive and sticking down as you go.

 Apply the strips

  • Turn on the power at the mains.
  • Scan the QR code on the on download then ‘Magic Home’ app and follow the simple on screen instructions in order to be able to control the LED light strips with your phone, or if you prefer, simply use the remote provided.

 QR code

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